Employee Benefits

Embee Builders being one of the recent real estate organization who has already made a mark in one of the top listed real estate organizations in entire West Bengal. With its highest achievement and successful stories and equipped with highly efficient and experienced Management operating the organization has made Embee Builders a work heaven for all its working employees in the organization. Being in Embee Builders will provide you with the best possible experience and a corporate disciplined working environment. Basic benefits which we provide to all our employees.

  • Provident Fund (60% of Salary)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Full body Medical Check-Up once in a year
  • Afternoon Lunch and Evening Snacks
  • Festival bonus during Durga Puja
  • 15 days paid leave
  • Maternity leave - 3months paid leave
  • Yearly 3 entertainment activities – Movie, Picnic and Office Party
  • Yearly twice Art of Living stress buster courses
  • Grooming courses for various facts like Spoken English, Presentation Skills, Computer Operating Skills, Personality Development etc. etc
  • Increase in salary in 1 or 2 financial years
  • Performance based promotion to higher responsibilities, where by making your career exciting and developing leadership qualities

Begin a new life and rejoice your career with best experience and knowledge

Embee Builders & Manakamna Builders organises movie. : Date : 08-06-2019

Embee Builders and Manakamna Builders organises a rejoice full break for all it's employees by providing a movie trip in INOX City Centre

Movie trip in INOX City Centre
Movie trip in INOX City Centre
Movie trip in INOX City Centre
Movie trip in INOX City Centre