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    • 2018-07-01
    • Embee Delight
    By Embee Builders


  • Tanmoy Das

    Embee Delight

    The bonding with Embee Fortune to me is for last 5-6 Months since I visited the office of Embee Fortune to know about the project, even before the booking of flat. The bonding is good and all the members of this group are co-operative & sincere

  • Rajeev Parik

    Embee Delight

    I felt Embee Fortune Project quite trustworthy and I assure to have a good bonding with this project in the upcoming future time.

  • Satish Sebastian

    Embee Fortune

    I am relatively new regarding the relationship with Embee Fortune as i have booked a flat only two months back. But I found the place really appropriate for me as it is very near to my hotel and I was looking for a place where I could stay with my family somewhere not far away. The place looks very good and I hope everything goes according to the plan. Not to forget the office staff of Embee Fortune who are friendly and well-behaved.

  • Susmita & Sishu Sankar

    Embee Fortune

    It is a very nice project in whole Siliguri, and we will love to stay and enjoy the place. It will be thankful for us to be a part of the Embee Fortune group. Staff are very nice & friendly.